We’ve got an award waiting for her…


n his song Papaoutai, Belgian artist Stromae sings (in French): ‘Everybody knows how to make babies, but nobody knows how to make fathers.’ The same goes for mothers. Nobody knows exactly how to be a mom, it just happens over time. Which raises the question: who is your Mother of the Year?

The six botanicals that make Sir Edmond such a rebellious spirit — Bourbon vanilla, juniper, angelica root, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon — come from all over the world. Our gin is and will always be a product of Mother Nature, and we do our best to honour her natural gifts the best we can. On Mother’s Day it’s all about the actual mothers around us, the women who brought new life into this world.

Motherhood is not a contest, but it’s always a good idea to tell someone that they are The Best. So how about handing out a Mother of the Year Award this year? One that doesn’t just stand there catching dust on the mantelpiece or in the windowsill, but one that she can enjoy every drop of. You know what we’re talking about: a bottle filled with delicious gin that turns every Gin & Tonic or signature cocktail into an irresistible treat.

Head over to our online shop and order your bottle(s) of Sir Edmond now, so your package of joy arrives way before Mother’s Day and you have plenty of time to wrap it up nicely and write your Mother of the Year some heartfelt words of admiration. A small effort that will mean the world to her. Cheers to all mothers!