Let's make it happen


id you know that the name Edmond means ‘protector’? Since the start of our gin journey, we have considered it our duty to contribute to the protection of endangered species. We look forward to a future where every day is World Animal Day (so to speak).

Loyal Flamingo Journal readers might remember this article about the origin of World Animal Day. In short: it started in Argentina in 1908 and was turned into a global phenomenon two decades later by the German writer and activist Heinrich Zimmerman. It was Zimmerman who decided that 4 October was the perfect date: it’s the feast day of Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of ecology and animals.

If it wasn’t for Mother Nature, none of the things we love would exist. We literally owe our lives to her abundance — no wonder we care so much about the protection of fragile ecosystems. World Animal Day is the perfect occasion to hit the pause button for a minute and reflect on our place in the world. We are all animals, right? Shouldn’t we therefore do everything that’s in our power to keep the most vulnerable ones from harm, not just one day a year but every day?

If you allow us to make a small suggestion: support the African Wildlife Foundation, a Kenya based charity dedicated to wildlife conservation and habitat protection. Because Sir Edmond firmly believes in their mission, we make a contribution to the AWF for every bottle of gin we sell. Get yours here