And how to celebrate it with Sir Edmond

It’s not that I need an excuse to celebrate gin, but World Gin Day is a particularly good one. So get those bottles out and let’s make ourselves some festive deliciousness.

What began as a small event in 2009, turned into an annual worldwide celebration on the second Saturday in June. Gin lovers from around the globe get together to discuss, taste and buy their favourite spirit(s). It was Emma Stokes, also known as Gin Monkey, who started it all. She is still the driving force behind World Gin Day.

This year’s program is a little different, for obvious reasons. Tasting parties and quizzes will take place online, with people coming together on Zoom and other video conference platforms. Why celebrate World Gin Day at all? You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t know the answer: because gin is the most versatile spirit around. Aside from the ever-present juniper berries, the variety in ingredients, and therefore tastes, is immense.

We’re in this together, so let me be your wingman. Your couch or kitchen counter is as good a place as any to get a cocktail party started. Here are some serves to consider, including a dozen different do-it-yourself Gin & Tonics. You can get a fresh bottle of Sir Edmond Gin, delivered at your doorstep, right here. Let’s celebrate!