Welcome to Denmark’s gin nirvana

As of last year, gin nirvana can be found in Denmark. It has it all: the spirits, the skills, the showmanship. I descended into Aarhus to have a chat with Two Socks founder and owner Ms Susanne Simonsen. As it turns out, the gin entrepreneur is only just getting started…

Simonsen (43) grew up in a small village outside Randers, in the north of Denmark. Now she, her boyfriend and their one and a half years old son have settled down in nearby Aarhus. After a career in sales, mainly in the fashion industry, a dream started brewing in Susanne’s mind: a gin bar extraordinaire. Last year, that dream became reality – twice.

How did Two Socks come about?

“The concept was born two or three years ago, and has been continually developed. When an obvious opportunity presented itself in Copenhagen, we were ready to go. We opened the first bar in January 2017, and the second one – including a shop-in-shop – in Denmark’s second largest city Aarhus in May of last year.”

What’s your philosophy?

“Giving people a gourmet experience, for both the taste buds and the eyes. Welcoming them into a world of endless flavors. We make our Gin & Tonics at the table where the guests sit, so they can see the show from closeby. The Two Socks staff knows all our recipes and gin brands, from to history of the gin producer to the product itself. We work closely with our supplier 1975 By Simon, and all our serves are carefully developed and tested before they hit the menu.”

What separates Two Socks from the competition?

“We have a shop-in-shop where all our spirits can be bought. In addition, guests can pick up our recipes so they can make their favourite Gin & Tonics at home. We distinguish ourselves by being true to what I call the ‘gin DNA’; the botanicals and the way the gin is distilled. Being close to our guests so we can ensure them the right experience every time is very important to us. That’s why we organize gin tastings and gin courses.”

How did you like the DNA of Sir Edmond?

“The first time I tasted it, was a lovely experience. It’s so nice and delicate. Last fall, when we focussed on Christmas, Sir Edmond became one of my favourites. It’s perfect for a wintery Gin & Tonic which focuses on the cinnamon. Two new recipes with Sir Edmond Gin have just landed on or menu. We can’t wait to present them to our guests.”

What’s next for Two Socks?

“Our plans for the near future are to open another bar in Copenhagen and to launch a webshop where customers will be able to buy their favourite Gin & Tonic, receive recipes and get inspiration. The ultimate dream is to open several concept bars and stores, both nationally and internationally.”