Kicking off 2023 with a UCVF partnership


ver the past few years, we have been traveling through Europe, spreading our Bourbon vanilla infused gin across various countries. We will be kicking off 2023 hand in hand with one of the leading countries in the beverage industry, one of the top wine producers in the world, and the only official source of champagne. You guessed it, Sir Edmond Gin is making its way to France.

We are beyond excited to announce our collaboration with the Union Commerciale des Vins de France (UCVF), a leading importer of exclusive spirits and champagnes, founded in the early 80s. Serving wine merchants, hotel and restaurant owners with their strong network of specialists across France, UCVF is an active organization that participates in industry events in Lyon, Paris, and Bordeaux amongst others.

Joris van Gent from UCVF: “We are excited to join forces with Sir Edmond Gin, with its historic French connection, and bring something special to the world of spirits that will leave a lasting impression.” UCVF will be growing their portfolio of exceptional and innovative brands with Sir Edmond Gin this February, bringing a twist of Bourbon vanilla to their roster.

This collaboration will allow us to explore the French beverage industry and stay in the mix of France’s blooming cocktail culture. The drink culture in France has a long standing tradition and focuses on wine, but in recent years, cocktail bars and mixologists have been making a name for themselves, and of course we had to be a part of this. In the new year, our unmistakable golden glow will be shining on shelves and backbars across the country. We look forward to this collaboration as an opportunity to share all the hard work and attention we put into Sir Edmond Gin with the country that inspired our journey.

To quote our co-founder Dominique Makatita: “With Sir Edmond Gin we are bringing an ode to Edmond Albius, a French man who single-handedly changed the future of the delicious Bourbon vanilla. Bringing Sir Edmond Gin to France is something we always envisioned from the start. Together with the specialized and professional team of UCVF, we are convinced we are going to spread our wings all over the beautiful country. We are very pleased to work with the team of UCVF as they are on a journey to bring a diverse and premium portfolio into the French market.” Dominique continues with: “It is again a very good start from the year. Throughout the full year of 2022 we already communicated about some new and exciting collaborations and now at the beginning of 2023 we are once again very enthusiastic about continuing the same line upwards.”

Cheers to that, or santé as they say in French!