When Bourbon vanilla meets juicy fruit

Unusual times call for unusual deliciousness. Freshen up your in-house cocktail nights with these three Gin and Tonic serves that combine Sir Edmond’s trademark Bourbon vanilla taste with Mother Nature’s fruitiest flavours.

Serve 1: Orange & Cinnamon

Sweet and sour: the simple act of adding an orange slice to your Gin & Tonic adds many new dimensions for your taste buds to enjoy. Add the savory flavour of cinnamon and let this dreamteam take the vanilla notes of Sir Edmond Gin on a tasteful swirl around your mouth. The Orange & Cinnamon is a guaranteed success when you’re home and in need of some well-deserved vitamins… Here’s how to make it yourself.

Sir Edmond Gin

Serve 2: Strawberry & Mint

This one is a beauty, isn’t it? The red of the strawberries and the green of the mint make for a stunning couple. Just seeing them together puts the taste on your tongue: sweet with a touch of, well, mint. This swinging Gin & Tonic will surely colour up your private cocktail party. You can create yours in a wink with 50 ml of Sir Edmond Gin and 150 ml of premium tonic.

Sir Edmond Gin

Serve 3: Coffee & Orange Zest

Another orange-brown combination that looks oh so seductive. This one is for the coffee lovers who want to both start and finish their day with this dark delight. The orange peel, being the most aromatic part of the fruit, takes care of a sharp, tangy twist to your Gin & Tonic. Sip it with your eyes closed and notice all those delicate flavours passing by your taste buds. Go ahead, try it.

Sir Edmond Gin


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