Who’s afraid of cocktails that are so good it’s scary?


ow summer has disappeared in the rear-view mirror, we can look forward to the many festivities of fall and winter. Halloween is the perfect occasion to throw a terrifyingly tasty dinner party — with drinks that are so good it’s scary.

Nothing beats getting together with family or friends to share stories, crack jokes and enjoy a luscious meal. The company matters more than the occasion, of course, but it’s still nice to sprinkle your culinary creations and drinks with some festive magic that fits the tradition.

Halloween calls for at least one course in which pumpkin is the star of the show. How about a pumpkin ravioli or a pumpkin soup or hummus served in a carved out pumpkin? The internet is a wonderland of surprising and slightly scary recipes which will amaze your guests.

And the drinks? Last year we challenged cocktail makers to create the scariest drink they could think of using Sir Edmond Gin. GINdiction gloriously won the contest with their Pornstar Morticia, a frightening but fun cocktail with a real bite. It will spice up your Halloween dinner party in seconds. Scroll down below for the recipe.

To make this year’s Halloween one to remember, we organised a giveaway. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook to see how you can compete and win. It’s not scary, we promise…

How to make the Pornstar Morticia

  1. Put 50 ml of Sir Edmond Gin, 25 ml of lime juice and 30 ml of Monin Spicy Cinnamon into a shaker
  2. Add ice and shake for a few seconds
  3. Double strain to remove the ice
  4. Add eggwhite (or aquafaba if you are vegan) and shake again to get it nice and foamy
  5. Strain into a chilled Martini glass and garnish with a pomegranate wheel

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