Spike your brunch with a Gin Mimosa


ome traditions make little sense, historically speaking, but are just too much fun to skip. Take Easter brunch. Who would have thought that a Christian holiday could become the perfect excuse for a very ginteresting get-together? This year, we’ve got you covered with our twist on a classic cocktail: the Easter Brunch Gin Mimosa.

To find out how the mimosa became the brunch classic it is today, we will have to travel back in time, to London in the 1920s. An unknown genius at the Buck’s Club, a gentlemen’s club with an in-house cocktail bar, created a drink called Buck’s Fizz. The story goes that a Parisian bartender of the Ritz Hotel adjusted his simple recipe, champagne mixed with some orange juice, to a 50/50 ratio. The mimosa was born, named after the graceful yellow-flowered plant.

One Hollywood legend suggests that famous English movie director Alfred Hitchcock  was the one to popularise the mimosa as a brunch drink in the United States. At a luncheon, he supposedly added champagne to orange juice and presented it to his fellow guests as a hangover cure. The cocktail made a comeback in the late twentieth century, when bartenders began to put their signatures on the mimosa by adding an additional ingredient, such as tangerine juice or orange-flavoured liqueur.

Which brings us to our very own twist on this undisputed classic: the Easter Brunch Gin Mimosa. Easy to make, a joy to drink. The perfect bubbly vitamin boost to go along with your croissant, muffins, eggs, smoked salmon and whatever else this year’s Easter brunch has to offer. Here’s how to make it in four easy steps:

Step 1: Add 25 ml of Sir Edmond Gin and 25 ml of orange juice to a shaker (adding 5 ml of agave syrup is optional)

Step 2: Shake with ice and strain into a champagne flute

Step 3: Top with champagne

Step 4: Garnish with an orange peel