Curated Spotify playlists for all occasions


he best drinks deserve the best tunes. Besides a passion for all things gin, we have an intense love for music running through our veins. Enter the ‘Sir Edmond Sessions’: our distinct taste translated into a number of curated Spotify playlists to feed your rebellious soul.

Every memorable moment benefits from a special song. Your first kiss, a fabulous night out with friends, family holidays under the sun — music is able to add a magical dimension that instantly warms the heart every time you hear it and are reminded of those good times. With the summer coming to an end, we proudly present the perfect way to keep the positive vibes going.

The Sir Edmond Sessions are a series of continuously updated playlists on Spotify. Do you like the taste of Sir Edmond? Then you’re in for a treat, because the Sessions are tailor-made for enjoying your gin to the fullest. The Good Mood Sessions will make you want to dance until dawn. The Beach Lounge Sessions offer sun-infused relaxation with a beat. The Weekend G&T’s Sessions provide the ultimate soundtrack for your Gin & Tonic filled evenings. And to all the bartenders, waiters and restaurant owners: do you want to blow your guests away with the perfect music for high energy dining? The Restaurant House Sessions were specifically created for you.

Keep an eye on the Sir Edmond Gin profile on Spotify. New playlists will be added all the time, some specifically curated for bars and restaurants that want to immerse their guests in tunes that turn just another night out into an unforgettable get-together. To keep you from getting lost in the musical abundance of Spotify, we created a simple shortcut: scanning the QR code on the back label of the bottle will take you directly to the Sir Edmond Sessions. May the good times never end!

The terms of use of Spotify AB apply to our playlists. It is the listener’s responsibility to comply to those terms of use.